Choosing the Right Size of Ceiling Fan for Your Home

When summer comes around, you’ll start to feel the warm breeze and humidity even inside the house. The cost of electricity makes it impossible for anyone to keep the air conditioner turned on for the whole day. Good thing there’s a cheaper alternative such as the use of ceiling fans. It can regulate the flow of air around the house to provide a fresh and cooler atmosphere.

Homeowners should be aware that finding the right size of fan is the key to maximum performance. It should be perfect for the size of the room where you intend to install it. Remember that the fan should be large enough to provide a good amount of air but at the same time it will not cause any damage to the walls and ceilings. Try the following tips in finding the right size that is perfect for your home:

1.All you need is a tape measure and start determining the length and width of the fan’s intended location. Most people would have one on their living or dining room but it can be placed anywhere inside the house as well. You can get the area of the entire space by multiplying the length and width.
2.Since it requires to be hanged at a height of at least seven feet, it will be best to also measure the height from the floor to the ceiling.
3.Once you’ve already decided on the type that you want to purchase ask for assistance when it comes to the size. Most stores would have a size chart so that you can easily determine which model is right for you.

Those with a small house would often choose small profile ceiling fans because it is perfect for those with a limited space. This type is designed to work well on such areas with easy installation and maintenance guide.




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